I'm Going to Drupalcon Latin America

Image: screen grab from Drupalcon website

Just a quick personal announcement… I’ll be in Bogotá, Colombia in February, 2015 for the first ever Drupalcon in South America. I hope to see you there!

One other thing… I’m taking a different approach to travel this time. I’ve flown to every Drupalcon (7 so far), but this time I’m going almost entirely by motorcycle. Almost entirely? Well there’s no actual roads from Panama to Columbia (the Darién Gap), so there’s a bit of boat travel. Let’s just say I’m sick of airports.

I’m setting up a separate blog to report on my travels and I’ll post a link here, in case you’re into travel and motorcycles and that sort of thing.

Nos vemos en Colombia!

Update: The promised blog never happened. After riding all day, you get really tired.