Google Fonts for Drupal... The Hard Way

Manual typesetting

Image credit: Willi Heidelbach

I may have turned into a Drupal curmudgeon. The signs were already there... I don't install WYSIWYG editors unless I have to. More and more I choose to write code rather than install a module.

I had been using the Google Fonts module and I wanted to switch fonts. There was a problem with the new font for some reason—I spent about 30 minutes troubleshooting before I gave up and decided to just do it manually.

The Problem with CSS Grids

The 960 Grid System: - designed to make page layout easier, but it's not without a few problemsThe 960 Grid System: - designed to make page layout easier, but leads to tighter coupling between content and presentationCSS was designed to improve web page layout by separating presentation from layout. By separating content (HTML) from presentation (CSS) there is looser coupling from a computer science perspective. The whole idea is that you can change the layout of the entire site by changing the CSS without any changes to the content. The problem is to get anywhere beyond the basics of layout and cross-browser compatibility, CSS takes time to learn and can be frustrating.

CSS grids like the 960 Grid System came along offering the advantages of CSS with fewer layout hassles. Using a grid for layout is nothing new--graphic designers have been using the grid concept for print layout for years. (See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grid_(page_layout) )

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