Hey, I'm Back

Recently, I realized that I haven't written anything since 2014 when I wrote about heading off to Colombia by motorcycle. Someone could easily assume that I'd ridden off a cliff, never to be heard from again. Well, no cliffs were ridden off and I'm alive and well. Maybe a bit too busy working, but that's an occupational hazard.

I'm Going to Drupalcon Latin America

Image: screen grab from Drupalcon website

Just a quick personal announcement... I'll be in Bogotá, Colombia in February, 2015 for the first ever Drupalcon in South America. I hope to see you there!

Comment Spam on Drupal

Image credit: Luc De Leeuw

Back in the 90's when the web was fresh and new and full of promise, we imagined information shared freely around the globe in a technical utopia. Our lives would be immeasurably better and everyone would share cat photos and live in harmony. What happened? Spam happened. (At least if you ask me.)

Google Fonts for Drupal... The Hard Way

Manual typesetting

Image credit: Willi Heidelbach

I may have turned into a Drupal curmudgeon. The signs were already there... I don't install WYSIWYG editors unless I have to. More and more I choose to write code rather than install a module.

I had been using the Google Fonts module and I wanted to switch fonts. There was a problem with the new font for some reason—I spent about 30 minutes troubleshooting before I gave up and decided to just do it manually.

My .gitignore Trick for Drupal Using Multi-site

I'm always tweaking my Git setup in search of version control nirvana. One thing I've been doing over the past several months makes use of .gitignore and Drupal's multisite feature. The default .gitignore for Drupal 7 looks like this:

Ubuntu Server for Drupal - SSH Lockdown

Update (2011-12-10): I updated this article to make it a bit more clear and confirmed it works exactly the same on Linode.
Update (2014-09-21): Just a note that I've used this successfully on several times on Digital Ocean.

This is a step by step I used to set up SSH and lock down access on my Rackspace Cloud VPS running Ubuntu Server 10.04. There's a good chance this will work for other server providers and possibly other versions of Ubuntu. (But no guarantees.)


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